I'll be there to guide and to create space for your  inner-child and playfulness to emerge  so it's important to me that we can trust each other so that we can lay down our wall and  willingly show  up as our true self without judgement - you  with your  love and me with my eyes and heart. Together, we will tell the story that matters and  one that will tugs all your heart  - to love and to be loved.
My intention isn't just time together to make pretty pictures but an experience for you to  connect with yourself and your loved ones. 

I have a "back to basic " approach - being present and  being playful with  the people you love. 
The time and space we'll be creating together will be for your family to connect/reconnect, to walk slowly, to run wildly, to play to your own  rhythm. There will be moments of laughter and goofiness,  there will be moments of tears and occasionally impromptu  meltdowns  followed by tender, comforting hugs as time unfolds -  these are all the everyday movements and languages in your family life story.


The magical process

Send me a note and lets start the conversation. I am all about connection so it’s important to me that you feel comfortable inviting me into your family, preserving snippets of your life. I ADORE kids, I have two dogs  and I love sunsets. There's a high chance that you also have kids  or a dog or that you love sunset too  so I've found us  a common ground already :)

let's start with a hello


Once we hi five to making some magic together, you’ll receive an email confirming the packages you have chosen. A $300 deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your session.



Leading up to the session, I will be in touch with a questionnaire to help me understand your story and your love language.  To help ease your worry about what to wear on the day,  a what to wear guide  will be in your inbox :) 

Preparation for your session


Magic Day! Today we tell your story and make memories together. It can be guaranteed that by the end of the session, I'm in love with your family AND your child/children will want to  keep playing with me :P  I always walk away with a smile and a  full heart. I hope that you and your family  will too.



You’ll receive an email with details to access your personalised online gallery. In this gallery ,  you can download your digital files , select favourites & there will be a collection of beautiful frames and albums you can select to order.
This is the part where my heart will race  and  I hope the photos bring a smile to your face and if it's tears, I hope it's proud happy tears.

Photos delivery day


An email to let you know your prints are ready! You can choose to pick up or have it delivered right to your door. 

Prints Delivery 


A celebration of family tree.  This session is a perfect gift for  grandparents  in particular, yourself and your kids  as it's a complete  picture of the family -  your roots and branches. 


A celebration of this quote "We'll seek and return and stay to find beauty and the extraordinary in all the spaces we can claim. We'll know how to live. How to breathe magic into the mundane." Victoria Erickson

Family  session 


A celebration of your journey  growing, nurturing your baby in your tummy to when you hold your baby in your arms.  Your life will never be the same again .. 


MULTI-GENERAtionS session 

Send a note

A celebration of a  special occasion or of your family at your holiday destination . A perfect gift for reaching milestones and/or  memories of your holiday. Please get in contact with a date & time  a description  of your event.

EVENTS & Tag Along


An expression and celebration of self love; to preserve a moment in your life. A perfect gift for  yourself, your other half or for your own branding.


the collections

I'm a mum so I understand how it can be. I'll guide you to get the best out of your session. Sometimes we just need to go with the flow and allow emotions to come as felt. Please do not let the situation  stress you out and ruin your experience.  Kids will be kids and that's perfectly fine.  Tantrums, tears  can also make best pictures. It's as raw and as real as it will get. Let go of your expectations of perfection and just let it be :) 

This is something I don't do. All photos will be delivered to you as per standard of what you see in my gallery/blog. My style of photography is natural and candid and it captures  you on the day and your connection with your kids. I do wholeheartedly mean it when I say "You're pretty the way you are." and I know your kids will say the same. 

WHAt If my kids are grumpy and won't co-operate?

CAn you photoshop my photos?

Let's keep each other safe and reschedule the session. Please let me know ASAP  and we will be contact to align a date and time for another session.
I'll keep you informed should we need to reschedule due to lockdown. 

What if we are unwell on session day? What If we go into Lockdown AGAIN?

Clothing is an expression.  Comfort makes a huge difference in photos. Wear what you feel comfortable and pretty in, what you can run wildly around with, what you don't mind getting messy in, what doesn't restrict your movement and make you feel conscious. 
Textures and layers looks nice in pictures. Neutral tones with a pop of colour has a lively vibrant feels

WHAT Should We weaR?

My favourite place to photograph families is a place that has meaning to you. Whether your family enjoy a lazy casual day laying on your bed then playing in the backyard, or spending your morning at a coffee shop and a walk through the park, or that you guys love running barefoot on a sandy beach and catching waves or that you are explorers ..  lets go there.

What Location should we go for our session?

I  shoot with natural light and my favourite time of the day to  shoot is at sunset or sunrise  for location shoot, where the light is golden, warm & soft.
For in home session, I'll need your guidance as to when there's most light in your house but from experience, this can be anytime between 10am-4pm. 
If there's a specific memory (your rituals) you'd like captured, please let me know and I'd happily  follow your lead.

   When is the best time for the session?

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